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Performance Physical Therapy- IN PERSON

Starting with an in depth initial assessment, we dive into your problems, goals, and aspirations, and perform physical testing to determine the root cause of the problem. We then work together to determine the best course of action for treatment, and set forth a detailed plan to reach your goals and aspirations. 


**All in person assessments and subsequent treatments are performed out of The Arena: Sports Performance Institute: 10541 170 Street NW. 

ACL Return to Performance- HYBRID

***This option is for those who have had an ACL injury or surgery, or are looking to reduce the risk of ACL injury 

It all starts with an in depth, in personal initial assessment. We dive deep into your injury, your history, and most importantly your goals and aspirations. 

We then perform a research based battery of tests specific to ACL Injuries, assessing qualities of strength, power, speed, and more. We can then use this data to make recommendations about returning to sport/activity, as well as training recommendations to work on these qualities and reduce your risk of further injury. 

Once the testing is complete, you'll receive a custom training program delivered to you via Smart Phone app, allowing you to train with us anywhere and everywhere. You'll have access to mindset training to keep you motivated, and world class support from your coach, like regular check in's, technique support, and whatever else you need to keep crushing it. 

Get started with us today. Click the link below to book your ACL Return to Performance Testing session. 

ACL Return to Performance Coaching- REMOTE

**This option is for those who have had an ACL injury or surgery, but would like to work with us purely online. 

It all starts with an in depth initial consult, where we dive deep into your journey so far, and most importantly your goals and aspirations. 

Based on this consult, we build a testing battery unique to your stage of rehab and your goals, delivered to you directly via Smart Phone app. 

You'll get access to a custom strength and conditioning program delivered directly to your phone, unique to your testing results and aspirations. You'll have support from your coach for check in's, technique support, and anything else that you need to stay accountable, stay motivated and crush your goals.

Interested? Want to learn more? Book a discovery call and lets get started on taking back your athletic identity and turn you into the strongest version of yourself.

Book a Discovery Call

Not sure where to start? We've got you. 

Send us a message. We'd love to connect and see how we can help you. 

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